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The Impact of 16% FED (Fedral Excise Duty) on gross Commission shall be passed to the Account Holder w-e-f 01-07-09 but after the development of software to this affect




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 is not only to maintain but to accelerate our high
 profile and to continue providing premium quality
service to our valued clients with more
professional excellence.  
We Capital Vision Securities (Pvt.) Ltd. (CVS) is a
very fast growing brokerage house of Lahore
Stock Exchange (G) Ltd. Irrespective of the fact
that company hasn’t yet got much time in terms


of years since its inception, but the people who


are running the show are greatly time tested,


skilled, trustworthy and thorough professional as


have made the organization a very attractive


place from investors’ and clients’ point of view.


The organization has earned a great deal of


reputation through the endless endurances of the


top management. So, the company didn’t take a


long to add the great success stories in elevating


the clients’ matrix with over 2000 – individuals,


plenty of institutional and foreign investors.






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